The Zulkheim Region(ザルクヘイム地方)

This vast area lies at the heart of the Quon continent. It is divided into the upland region, which consists of the Konschtat Highlands? and La Theine Plateau, and the lowland region, which is made up of the Valkurm Dunes?. Though this area has frequently been tested by the tides of war, the region is also known as a crossroads for the cultures of the northern and southern civilizations.


Located area within this region

  • La Theine Plateu(ラテーヌ高原)
  • Konschtat Highlands?(コンシュタット高地)
  • Valkurm Dunes?(バルクルム砂丘)
  • Ordelle's Caves?(オルデール鍾乳洞)
  • Gusgen Mines?(グスゲン鉱山)
  • Selbina(セルビナ)

Region guide

In a high-ground plateau and the central part, the northern part and the southern part of this area serve as a lowlands sand hill in the central Quon continent area.

There is corporate town Selbina in the central part and a Valkurm Dunes?, and it is being crowded with the adventure persons of a beginner, and also has come out of the ship to Mhaura on a Mindalsia continent.

OutpostValkurm Dunes?
GuardValkurm Dunes zone entrance of Konschtat?
TelepointLa Theine Plateu(Holla),Konschtat Higlands?(Dem)
Contiguity RegionRonfaure,Nolvallen?,Gustaberg,Derfland,Kolshushu(by ship),Vollbow,Movalporos?,Tavnazian Archipelago

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