The valley located in the center of the Valdeaunia region. The cliff which rose steeply by every place serves as a barrier at both sides, and serves as a natural fort in the Zvahl? castle. To the Altana Allied Forces who changed over to the crystal war last stage and the offensive, it was filled with Beastian Armys here and it resisted violently. Therefore, in spite of having won by military power, the Altana Allied Forces could not cross this valley easily, but issued abundant damage, and were obliged to withdrawal temporarily.


In this region, a undead monster is daytime also.

The overall strength of a monster seldom changes to Garlaige. However, the Shadow Dragon which sometimes appears is the strength that the dead come out, although it is very powerful and challenges at the six-person party of a level 50. But if your level is higher than 53, you'd like to easy to kill dragon, And get meny guills.

Moreover, if near a Guard is passed, many evil spirits called "Deamon Pawn" will come to appear.This is the disagreeable fellow who delivers an attack by the whole Slow on a tough top. That is the partner who wants to take care together with "Eveil Eye".


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