The Ronfaure Region

This region mostly consists of the vast woodlands that surround the Kingdom of San d'Oria?. Once a race predominately made up of hunters, the Elvaan still value their ties to the forest by protecting it--even though the thick foliage leaves them vulnerable to sneak attacks by enemies who lurk in its shadows.

When the kingdom was at its peak, the knights would lead patrols through the trees, maintaining peace throughout the land. But now, the weakening lion of San d'Oria no longer has the power to assure the safety of those who travel through the forest; the region has become a hiding place for ravenous Orcs and thieving Goblins.

Located area within this region

  • East Ronfaure?
  • West Ronfaure?
  • Ghelsba Outpost?
  • Yuguhoto Grotto?

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