Qufim Island(クフィム島)


If the stairs of the Port Jeuno? are gone down further, it will arrange to Qufim. It is connected here in Jeuno and a submarine cave. Ice has stretched everywhere, and it will be realizable if it is in a cold place.

Except that there is a way to Delkfft's Tower? and the territory of Behemoth Dominion?, there is no special point, but the giant monster called -Giant peculiar to this region appears.

Night wants to be careful. Here, a Undead monster appears everywhere. Sneak always used, and probably, there is no loss, even if it is waiting patiently till 4:00, without battling.

It can go to the Behemoth Dominion? from the cave located in Delkfft's Tower? in the place which progressed north. Since the bat here is active, it is careful.

With a Promathia patch, it can go now to the cave of the Misareaux Coast central part.





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