The Emptiness of Promyvion(虚ろなる闇・プロミヴォン

Emptiness--an insidious phenomenon that has begun to gnew away at land. This menace, first disregarded as distant threat, is drawing heroes of every nation into a race to uncover its true nature.

Is this "Emptuness" a tear in fabric of Vana'diel? Or is it the birth of an entirely new world?


This dangeon is visit in first of Promathia mission. Now,Promyvion/Holla,Promyvion/Dem,Promyvion/Mea,Promyvion/Vhazl? are indentifid.

This region cannot get a crystals because this region is out of conquest. Moreover, a level will be compulsorily made into a maximum 30. For this reason, the equipment according to it is needed.

The appearing monster is called Empty, is six kinds, Wanderer, Weeper, Craver, Seether, Thinker, and Gorger, and will detect all magic, such as Invisible and Sneak. Moreover, they have an attribute peculiar to an individual and the attribute is decided by the shining color in the body.

Four fundamental flows are going over the existing class and progressing aiming at central Spine. In order to progress to the following class at this time, it is going into the warp point which pushes down Memory Receptacle and appears immediately after that immediately. If the warp point from one layer pushes this down, it will appear immediately, but since the appearance position of the warp point after two layer is not being fixed, it is careful. (One of existing partly is a genuine article)

An advice, Healer and Mage will bring two Yaghod Drinks, Attacker and Tunk will bring two High-Posions for attack to boss.

Located area in this dangeon

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