Sauromugue Champaign

These windswept, desolate plains are situated on an arid peninsula that juts out into the Bastore Sea. Located near the Strait of Jeuno, this area is considered a gateway between the Mindartia and Quon continents. Due to this prime location, numerous kingdoms and various beastman forces have struggled for control of the terrain.

The struggle continues to this day--even with the advent of the airship and its revolutionary impact on travel.


It comes to this area and some towers destroyed partially and many walls which make the civilization back consider stretch an eye first.When it goes to marine one, being cautious of that there are many simple forts and a monster, there is the coastline of a countless hollow and the sheer cliff considered that the space there was lost rather than having called it explosion.

Such a place can be seen also on a butter rear hill.Is it after war 20 years ago. Compared with a Roranberry? and Batallia?, weathering is intense.

Although the map here is quite rough, the vertical interval is more intricately complex like the map of the following figure in practice.

Yagudo with a comparatively large field of view is wandering about everywhere, and since most monsters are active, they can be said to be very dangerous area.

A Rapter system monster, Sauromugue Skink, and the Polterguist system monster Evil Wepon want to be especially careful.

Upper offensive strength of skink with the wide search-for-the-enemy range is strong. Evil Wepon has overlapped with the way when going to Jeuno exactly. If it can do, while a level is low, it will be area not to not much pass along.


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