Meriphataud Mountains

Unrelenting dust storms and a severe climate make for a harsh environment that is inhabited by few. Also known as the symbol of the Meriphataud Mountains, the colossal structure known as Drogaroga's Spine spans the area from west to east, severing it in the middle. Castle Oztroja, the Yagudo stronghold, can be found here, and its guards relentlessly patrol the surrounding hills.


This area is located on the north of Tharongi?.The monster is not a lot of than Tharongi, But it is stronger.When you simply passed this area, you look only both sides walls just like river bottom which continue from Tharongi.

The features of this area will be the Dorogaroga Spines of the central part of this area, and a basin "GalesMouth" full of cracks in on the south.Geographical feature is quite intricately complex and this area is very puzzling rather than seeing on a map. You shoud walk this area, along a way if possible is more nearly better.


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