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Garlaige Citadel

During the Great War, the armies of Altana, led by the first order of the Royal Knights of San d'Oria, reconstructed this underground fortress in hopes of taking the beastmen armies in Sauromugue by surprise.

Outfitted with hundreds of troops from all three nations, the forces of Altana were successful in their attacks on the beastmen--until an enemy unit discovered a secret entrance to the citadel.

This miscalculation resulted in the slaughter of all within the fortress, dealing a severe blow to the allied forces.


If the plateau of the Gausebit Mountains of the southern part of the Sauromugue Champaign? on the south is reached and it goes, a strange artificial thing can be seen south of the top plateau.

This is an entrance to a Garlaige Citadel.

Here, the skeleton peculiar to this area Fallen- comes out.

It seems that a secret entrance is somehow discovered by Beastian and people's deep-seated grudge then killed is wandering about this world as Undead although it is meaningful in Fallen having been forgotten away.

A level raising can be performed against Fallen Evacuee near an entrance in the second half of the 30th [ about ] generation to raise one's level.

Moreover, it is good to carry out by 43-46 against Fallen Soldier with one story beneath ground level, or Fallen Officer.(They are only bones)

Although it will pass through the gate called 魔防門 for going to the east side of the area here, this mechanism is not opened unless there are at least four persons.

Moreover, there is no time which 魔防門 of what is also opening as 10 mere seconds.

The 1st 魔防門 has a switch in near. You'd like to efforts are not needed.But

Although he thinks that it understands if a map is seen, the route has branched completely by the case where it goes in the direction of an incinerator, and the case where it goes in the direction of heights of the east side of a Sauromugue.

Since the appearance of a monster was early inexcessively as the point was also written although what is necessary is just to have stepped on the switch simply installed in each part store when going in the direction of an incinerator (the second 魔防門), after genociting the monster a passage and near the second 魔防門 once, it steps on from the switch of the long distance room, and people are kept placed there.

If 魔防門 begins to open, I will give priority to escaping from that anyhow.It of this area is foundations.

Of course, although a monster is also in the point which escaped from 魔防門, if it does not progress here by train preparedness, it does not do at the time which 魔防門 is opening.

After genociting a monster, the ordinary view of progressing first is not accepted.

When going in the direction of Saruomugue east side heights (the third 魔防門), in addition, it is troublesome. Although it is the fundamentally same point as opening the second between gate, Bomb is in the room of the switch which is in the west side most. Since it will receive 600 or more if it self-blasts, you have to push down on the dot. Furthermore, the hole has opened in the troublesome thing and the passage in front of the room must turn around the southern room to it. Therefore, it is desirable to arrange Thief in the room at the very back. A monster is in the point which opened 魔防門 by the example. Since he thinks that it has probably exhausted considerably at this time, I will only consider already escaping here. Going to the east side, the rest only aims at an exit. When it becomes like this, it is the VIORENT TRAIN with a natural thing.