*La Theine Plateau(ラテーヌ高原)

The grasslands that make up the La Theine Plateau are located high above the surrounding areas. Once known for the flocks of wild chocobos that dotted the meadows, the plateau is now overrun with giant sheep that are herded by the local Elvaan. The area is also characterized by deep crevices that seem to tear apart the land; torrential rainfall is also common. As a result of the heavy precipitation, rainbows can frequently be spotted while traveling through the plateau.

This area comes from [[West Ronfaure>Ronfaure/West Ronfaure]] southwest and [[Valkurm Dunes>../Valkurm]] north.
There is this area as it is called plateau, and its ups and downs are quite intense.

When going to Jugner from the direction of [[Ronfaure]], there is also a shortcut, but since it is easy to get lost, a beginner had better go to along a way.

Probably, If solo, till the middle stage of 10 levels, it will be good to a level-upping with here and [[King Ranperre's Tomb>Ronfaure/Ramperre]] etc.

In many inside of the wood from near the rock of Holla to a Jugner entrance, an oak comes out.
Moreover, since Undead monster like a bogey comes out near a rock night, it is careful.


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